Government secondary schools are imparting education of relatively new quality. But as there is more demand for government secondary schools in metropolitan cities, Hon'ble Prime Minister promised to establish two new government secondary schools in Barisal city on 22nd February 2011 AD, three in Khulna metropolis during his visit to Khulna district on 05th March 2011 AD and two new government secondary schools in Sylhet city during his visit to Sylhet district on 03rd April 2010 AD give.

In order to implement the promise of the Hon'ble Prime Minister, the project titled "Establishment of a total of seven government secondary schools in Sylhet, Barisal and Khulna cities" proposed by the Ministry of Education was approved in the ECNEC meeting held on 04 October 2012 AD. (Information Minutes held on July 27, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. under the chairmanship of Mr. Md. Humayun Khalid, member of Socio-Economic Infrastructure Department of Planning Commission- RDDP- Page:59)

In this context, the then Hon'ble Finance Minister Mr. Abul Mal Abdul Muhit and Hon'ble Education Minister Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid jointly laid the foundation stone of "South Surma Govt. High School" on 23 November 2013 AD, 09 Agrahayan 1420 Bangla at Alampur South Surma on the banks of Surma River in Sylhet Metropolitan City. The construction of the school building was completed in 2020.